Yes, downloading video via FILSH.net is completely free of charge. See also point 3.
FILSH.net is funded by the model content for advertising agreement and commercials. Since the conversion of video leads to high CPU utilization, we need to rent many servers so that the video conversion can be carried out as quickly as possible. These servers are very expensive, so advertisements are inevitable. Another important factor is the development and updating of the technology of FILSH.NET
If you want to convert and download videos or audio files, to download the converted files you agreeing to the advertising agreement is required: You request the download link via email. If you have then downloaded the files, we can then use your email for advertising purposes. This means that you will get emails from us of a commercial character from the automotive, telecommunications, technology, tourism, finance and insurance sectors. You can unsubscribe at anytime from the newsletter of course.
Just send us an email to: remove [at] filsh.net with the subject REMOVE and we will delete your e-mail address from the mailing list. Alternatively in every newsletter that you will receive from us an unsubscribe link.
For problems with FILSH.net you can contact support via Support-Form. We will try to process your request as quickly as possible.
We currently support the following portals:
  • Youtube
  • Daylimotion
  • Vimeo
  • Facebook
  • More are in the pipeline, including soundcloud
  • .mp3 (MP3)
  • .wma (WMA)
  • .m4a (M4A)
  • .m4r (mobile phone ringtone)
  • .aac (AAC)
  • .ogg (OGG Vorbis)
  • .mp4 (MPEG4 + AAC / iTunes, iPhone, iPod etc.)
  • .3gp (H263 + AAC / for mobile phones)
  • .avi (XviD + MP3)
  • .wmv (WMV + WMA)
  • .mpg (MPEG + MP2)
  • .flv (Flash Video)
That depends on which phone you have. Please look to the manual of your mobile phone to find out how you can transfer files.
No, because FILSH.net is a pure online video converter. Since FILSH.net has several servers, each connected via a high-speed line to the Internet, the conversion through the website may be much faster than on your PC
With the new version of FILSH.NET we want to wait for the development and acceptance from with. Developing an app will consume a lot of money.
In addition, the new version is 100% responsive. This means it is easy to use
We regret that it is not possible to store files with the iOS operating system as it does not have its own file management tool. However, you can have the download links sent by e-Mail or another messaging system, store the files on your PC or laptop and then transfer them. Unfortunately, file storage is not possible with the Safari browser. Simply use another browser such as Maxthon oder Dolphin Browser and stored the files on your iPhone.
Importing music files is only possible via the PC / Mac or Laptop
Yes, you are allowed to possess one copy for your own use.
We will continue to develop and optimize FILSH.NET in the coming months . This includes the conversion option of videos from new video and music portals
We are pleased if you link us. Shortly, the new banners of filsh.net will be available. We will offer these on a separate page to download or for integration.
Clicking on this button enables you to enter or change details and information relating to the album, artist and title. This information is then available to you in iTunes and in other video or audio players. Please only download the file after you’ve made changes to the tags.